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A city in ancient Palestine. 1 Kadesh-barnea, a place in the wilderness of Paran between Shur and Edom, or alternatively in the Wilderness of Zin, where it formed the south border of Canaan and the west border with Edom. Abraham dwelt in the area (Gen 20:1). It was the camp for the failed invasion of Canaan from the south (Num 13-14), after which the Israelites left the area (Num 20:1-29). At this time Kadesh became an important symbol in the early history of Israel (Num 32:8; Num 33:36-37; Deut 1:2; Deut 1:19; Deut 1:46; Deut 2:14; Deut 9:23; Deut 32:51; Josh 10:41; Josh 14:6-7; Josh 15:3; Judg 11:16-17). 2 Kadesh-on-the-Orontes, where Rameses II fought with the Hittites (ca. 1286 BCE).