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Submitting to the will or authority of another. The OT has no separate word meaning “obey,” but that English word is often used to translate the Hebrew word for “to hear” (Gen 22:18; Isa 42:24). The same concept may be expressed as “keeping” or “observing” the commandments (Exod 16:28; Exod 34:11) or as “walking” in God’s ways (1Kgs 11:33). In the NT Christ is obedient to God (Rom 5:19; Phil 2:8; Heb 5:8), and Christians are called to obedience of faith (Rom 1:5; Rom 16:26), obedience to Christ (John 3:36; Heb 5:9), and obedience to the gospel (Rom 10:16; 1Pet 4:17). The NT also calls for obedience to the secular authorities (Rom 13:1-5) and for the obedience of slaves, children, and wives to those over them in the household (Eph 5:21-6:9; 1Pet 2:13-3:7).